July 24, 2024

  This year we’ll be having our 5th annual LovEvolution Gathering at this year’s awesome four day Kinnection Campout north of Asheville, NC. We’ll be hosting a Camp LovEvolution with amazing heart and mind opening workshops, the LovEvolution Tea Lounge and music and conversation around the fire pit. To view the workshops we’ll be hosting […]

2017 LovEvolution Gathering – Growing the World We Love (Friday, June 23rd – Monday, June 26th) We gather together for our fourth year in the Blue Ridge Mountains along a pristine river for three days to grow and celebrate the world of love, cooperation and sharing that we know in our hearts is possible. We […]

Sharing Our Gifts Freely (Friday, June 24th – Monday, June 27th) 2016 We gathered together once again in the Blue Ridge Mountains along a pristine river for three days to offer our love freely, knowing that we are the medicine and the gift. Like colored gems in a divine mosaic, we each brought our own […]

2016 LovEvolution Gathering – Giving our Gifts Freely Click for ticket information and further details about the Gathering. Friday beginning at noon: Co creating the village and building connections. Participants are invited to arrive beginning at noon to settle in, make new friends and help decorate the lodge and cabins and other Camp LovEvolution spaces. […]

The Dance of Love and Life

Tonight, under a full moon, I pack my bags to leave Bali, the “Island of the Gods” and begin my journey back to America on the other side of the world. My heart is full of deep gratitude and love for an infinite number of blessings, gifts, insights and inspirations. The spirit of this lush […]